Sirius Aloe In Brisbane

Why So Sirius?!

Here in Brisbane as the icy fingers of winter close around this fair city, the gardens that flourish during the summer months are dormant and our garden scapes lose their lustre.  It is in the dreary months of winter than the leavening effects flowers have on the psyche are perhaps at their most needed.

Aloe Sirius in Brisbane garden

Please consider the Sirius Aloe .

Evolutionary psychologists have performed stimulus-response tests on a variety of subjects to ascertain the reason behind the joyful reaction that humans have to flowers. Of the three studies I have examined for this article the results are unmistakeable; People always have a positive reaction to flowers. In the first study, women when presented with flowers always responded with what is called the Duchenne smile or ‘True Smile’ and reported a positive mood increase up to three days later. In the second study both men and women reported a higher (more positive) emotional response to receiving flowers than to any other stimulus. In the third study, where the test subjects were aged 55+ the presentation of flowers not only improved the emotional demeanour of the subjects but also showed to improve the memory functions of those people. The curators of the tests demonstrated without question the potent effect that flowers have on the human psyche. The question as to why this is so is as yet unanswered in a definitive form. But perhaps the why is not so important when the evidence of the joyful effect flowers have on the human psyche is overwhelming.

To create a garden that blooms all year around one must choose the plants in our gardens with care.  To this effect we at My Landscaping Brisbane would like to present the ‘Sirius’ Aloe plant. The beautiful hybrid Aloe (designation LEO 3718) is blessed with being a hardy all year round succulent that is comfortable in a variety of climes. Blessed with an abundance of orange and yellow flowering spikes and weather resistant foliage that comes into it’s own during the frigid winter months. These lovely plants will do well either in pots or clumped in the garden that provides excellent drainage, they will prosper in a variety of conditions and produce flowers when most other plants are busy hibernating. The Sirius Aloe will thrive in drought, cold, heat, light frost and rain, although as previously mentioned Sirius Aloe’s require good drainage to survive very heavy seasonal rain. As an additional benefit the Sirius can also be used as a frontline salt windbreak for coastal properties, able to protect less hardy plants from the depredations of direct sea air.

If your garden needs a little cheering up this winter then please consider the Sirius Aloe to liven up your winter garden. You will feel better by simply seeing beautiful blooms in your garden, and that’s no joke.