Water Features Ponds & Outdoor Reticualtion Systems

Water features can create ambiance to any garden in Brisbane. The soft sound of reticualting water can have a soothing effect on you and your guests.

My Gardens Brisbane can deliver and install any water feature that your design calls for.

We are fully qualified landscapers with over 20 years of experience in the business of garden construction.

For all of your Water Features Brisbane Call (07) 3277 3553.

Decking Solutions

Timber decking can provide fantastic and stylish outdoor entertaining areas.
Having a natural “dressed” timber adds another element that will compliment other natural textures such as turf or vegetation.
Having a step down landing will punctuate an entrance way giving a spacious and robust feel to any alfresco dining area in your Brisbane garden.

There is a large range of recommended timber species and styles to choose from. For Timber Decking Brisbane call (07) 3277 3553.

Tropical Oasis

My Gardens can provide a tropical feel to your private oasis, whether it is a commercial or residential property.

By using a selection of Heliconia’s, Giant Strelitzia’s and other classic tropical plant species mixed with a variety of sandstone and dark pebbles will create a tropical garden feel in Brisbane.
Various other elements can be introduced including water features or sculptures depending on your taste or requirements.

Many of the elements can be easily arranged to create a stunning  visual effect that will add value to your property and also become an asset to your tropical Island lifestyle.

Imagine ending the day in your very own Island oasis design right in the City CBD.

For more information on Tropical Gardens Brisbane call us on (07) 3277 3553

Rendered Retaining Walls

My gardens can construct engineered and non-engineered retaining walls that will last trough the ages. Rendering and painting is usually done to match the existing colour scheme of the house.
4 reasons to use a block retaining wall in Brisbane:

  • The strongest known retention available.
  • Effective drainage and water management.
  • Clean and modern look.
  • Can safely build upon.

For more information on Block Rendered Retaining Walls Brisbane call (07) 3277 3553

Paving Solutions

Paving solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Using natural  like products such as stone we can create a timeless feel that is durable.
My Gardens recommends laying pavers on a concrete base, this ensures longevity in exposed areas.
Advantages of laying pavers on concrete:

  • Will last up to 4 times longer
  • Minimal movement over time
  • Better finish due to grouting
  • Weed resistant

For more information on paving Brisbane call My Gardens on (07) 3277 3553 during business hours.