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A great retaining wall will create liveable areas for your family, prevent soil erosion from water and can even be used as display gardens or a veggie patch.

retaing-wall-BrisbaneLand reclamation is one of the main reasons for the use of a Block retaining wall. As those who live in Brisbane know, it is a city of hills and valleys and most of us have a house that is situated on some kind of slope.  To make the land useable for barbeques, party time or for a kids play ground, the land needs to be landscaped into a manageable design. A retaining wall is the perfect installation for this purpose.

There is a range of walls suited to different purposes and for a variety of height and tastes.

retaining-walls-brisbaneBlock and block rendered walls are amongst the most common of heavy walls. They are easy in their construction and can be curved or straight depending on your needs. They can be rendered to blend with the landscape or stand out as a feature. Link block walls are a relatively new concept. They use similar size blocks but need no mortar to link together. This makes installation easy and eliminates the possibility of error as they can simply be unclipped and reassembled to change the height– Just like Lego!


Other mediums can be used for walls such as masonry and boulders giving a rustic feel and can be beautiful with over hanging plants.

Gabion walls consist of wire or mesh ‘bricks’ filled with stones, pebbles or even masonry to give a very stable and pleasing effect.

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